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Nicky Return..

Finally returning to labuan last few month me kinda buzy and another reason for not updating my blog is becoz i cant access the internet...
These are the activities that i done during these month:

Starting end of April to early of May : Having examinationg ....Piew very tough...

from 12th May till 8th of June : Me having holidays at my very own home ....haha

starting from 12th June till 5th July : Entering the MSM (Minggu Suai Mesra) Orientation week of new intake student and becoming the AJK of the MSM... call as PSM (Pembimbing Suai Mesra).....(Next post will post up some of the activities that we hav in MSM...me might oso post up the slide show that makes by Kah Arng (My course senior) )

till nw me only can able to take times out to update my blog (Ceh~ look like buzy ppl, haha...)

starting from today ...me having new Uni life again...hope i can make it what i hav promise to myself ....hehe (Getting dean list tis sem ..)

P/S: is great to be back here.... but....Water Issue....Our campus is facing DRYING DANGER....


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